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SSRS native mode and Mac – What works and what doesn’t

So does it work or not in native mode?

I suggest that’s a matter of opinion. Can it work? Yes. The same as in IE? No.

Does it require custom hacks to add JavaScript to SSRS server config file like so many sites suggest? I couldn’t get any of those to make any difference and wasted a lot of time trying.

So what’s the answer you are wondering if I’ll ever get to?….

First realize that only IE fully supports ADFS security. So that’s one hurdle regardless of Mac or pc. The other is rendering the report.

For security forget single signon to your database (integrated security). Use embedded credentials instead if you don’t want to require user to signon. This of course requires managing AD accts or groups at the Ssrs folder level.

Now that security is working, on to rendering…

For this use web service URL (default of //servernm/ReportServer).

This works on Mac in safari and firefox. Chrome on Mac… Not so much.

Hey I didn’t say it’s perfect solution but it works!

Using integrated security doesn’t work – at least not reliably. Don’t waste your time trying to get it to work on a Mac. I’ve seen it work a number of times but then just stop working. I think it has something to do with the keychain but after many hours of attempts to get it to work, nothing works very long. There is only one way I have found to get it work reliably.

Using Safari, embedded credentials, and calling the report via URL that is server name/ReportServer rather than Reports works really well. That combination is reliable and offers the advantage of not providing bread crumbs which lessens the chance that your customers will rely upon your folder structure not changing. It also offers the ability to send parameter values in the URL if you desire such as starting the report with a value in the parameter or rendering as a pdf, etc.

Testing SSRS with browsers other than IE can be tricky due to two reasons: IE is the only one by default that handles the double hop of integrated security. The other is that IE is the only one that renders reliably using the standard menu system of folders in SSRS. Macs add the additional complexity in that they don’t like ADFS security. IE stopped being supported on a Mac since around version 4.5 or 5 about a decade ago. That’s unfortunate. We have also found that Firefox seems to operate equally well.

Yes there are lots of web sites that tout back end hacks to add java script to alter the default rendering but with 2012 SP1, I couldn’t make any of those work and the above combination is reliable.

An option for Chrome on the PC is that you can download/install the IE add in which effectively calls IE in the background so it then seems to work just as well as IE.