Why do people in IT never learn from the past? My rant…

Does your environment include the following?

No logging, no error notification, flat file table designs for reporting, no compression, no partitioning, poorly indexed, endless layers of views and functions, truncate/load tables used for reporting (so if something goes wrong, no data), silos of redundant and inconsistent data & databases, excessive latency due to poor architecture, chaining marts from other marts… Along with ever increasing support staff just to keep the lights turned for an application.

Does that describe your architecture or lack thereof?

And you wonder why data warehouses fail?  Why executives are tired of excessive costs? Why IT gets a bad name?

But there’s always the latest buzzword that will save us…big data, data lakes, virtualization, in-memory databases, columnar databases…but it turns out those are all just tools not solutions. They often end up in the wrong hands and increasing costs while avoiding the real issues of attention to detail, taking the time to produce quality work, and hiring competent staff.

Do you find yourself re-explaining 101 concepts such as re-use, encapsulation, basic data movement physics?  Or justifying logical modeling as if understanding your organization’s information or a structured approach to documenting data architecture is obsolete?

That’s my rant for the day from someone with 3 decades of IT experience and tired of hearing of the same old excuses and seeing the same old problems simply because people are not learning from the past and repeating mistakes.


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